WELCOME TO THE PRIVACY POLICY This privacy policy is applicable to our official website and it is owned through our company. Customers can get to all the privacy practices that are followed by our company and these can be summarized as below-
 Individually exclusive facts that are collected through website.
 Facts and information collected is used is planned manner.
 Safety measures have been designed for protecting any misusage or loss of facts and information collected.
 We also focus on maintenance and accuracy of facts and information.
Please go through our privacy policy measures-
How we collect information and use it-
Information that is provided by customers to website
The website can collect individual specific facts and information regarding customers and that includes email address and name. Apart from that, it would also collect demographic information i.e. age. All the information is collected from multiple sites and that is inclusive of surveys or registration form or for the motive of having communication. According to our privacy policy, if personal and demographic information is being used together, then demographic information would be used as personal information only. The facts and information collected can be used for the following purposes-
 The data collected is used for the purpose of sending emails and communicating with the customers
 It is also used for informing the customers regarding new features and informative content
 This is also used for sending notification to clients regarding any changes that have been incorporated into the site.
 Moreover, it is also used for the purpose of completing transactions or refunding money for any items that were purchased.
 Verification of accuracy is also one of the major aspects.
 The information collected is also used for contacting customers and providing them with information regarding any products or services that have been launched.
 Compliance with the rules and regulations and various policies that have been made for the benefits of our customers.
Our website comprises of “contact us” form and all the information is submitted through that medium only. This is basically used for the objective of promotions and marketing. However, we ensure that all the personal information collected such as bank account, SSN and passwords are not used through mail. Our website also creates public forums, message boards and blogs for our customers. Our company does not take the guarantee of any personal information that is posted publicly through customers. We are also not bound towards those public parties that are excessively making usage of this private information. We highly recommend our customers to be prudent enough and then only they should disclose all their information. Moreover, all the comments, contents and blog entries that have been done through the customers on website may get published by any form of social media. It is imperative that other public parties may get access to that information and they can use it for their own specific purposes. Our company would utilize the personal information for promotional and marketing purposes only.
Third parties- Facts and information providers
According to our needs, we also take the information and related facts through the help of third parties. Our main aim is to inform the customers regarding the new products and services that are going to be launched by our company.
Usage of web beacons and cookies
Websites and web-pages make use of cookies and these are basically data files that are present in your system. It provides an interface through which the collection of information can be done in a successful manner. There are many instances where the browser would reject cookies and this would also create functioning problems in websites. Our site does not save all the data in cookies, but they can be inter-linked. Web beacons are also utilized by our websites through which monitoring of various facts and data can be done in an effective way. Our company is making use of specific technology through which they advertising and promotion can be done effectively and easily and that also allows us to determine the patterns of website traffic.
Usage of embedded scripts through websites
Websites also make use of various programming codes and scripts through which individual specific information can be collected in an easy way and it also help in determining that which links were clicked. Moreover, this information is collected for ample of uses and it can be used for content customization as well. This is perfectly done according to the specific needs of the customers.
Extensive usage of traffic measurement and third party advertisement services
Our website makes usage of third party services and traffic measurement through which evaluation and analysis can be done in a perfect manner.
Legal and security obligations
 All the facts and information can be disclosed to other third parties.
 We are entitled to present facts and information to courts, subpoenas and other legal processes.
 We can also represent information to governmental authorities, if they demand.
 We completely work in accordance with legal obligation
 All our day to day activities are carried out in good faith
 We ensure to defend and protect all the terms and conditions that are mentioned on different websites.
 We also ensure to safeguard the property rights, safety and any other individual rights as well
 We respond to emergency situations as well.
Our company also makes usage of IP address for the objective of user’s identification and this is completely done in accordance with owners, ISP and wireless providers and all the enforcement agencies have their complete discretion to it.
Business transfer Our transfer and disclosure of information is done-
 To the entire parent and their affiliates along with the subsidiaries.
 To website owners, operators, co-owner or other application and website databases
 The transfer of information can be done for the purpose of corporate mergers, restructuring, consolidation and sales of any assets or stocks.
It can be done for the purpose of corporate changes and if any changes are to be within the due course of time and then that would be done completely in accordance with the terms and conditions and our privacy policy would govern them completely.

Third party websites-Links
There are many instances where the inter-linkages can take place with the third party websites and we are not responsible for the same and nor we had any maintenance policy for the same purpose. All the products and services and all the advertisements that are done by third party websites, our company is not responsible for the same. We request our customers to leave their valuable suggestions and feedbacks and they should go through all privacy statements and then only they should submit their personal information to the sites.
Applications of third party websites
Third party applications are also available and they gather your personal and demographic information for their own specific purposes. However, we ensure that third party should confirm with you and then only use your personal information. But, we do not guarantee that whether third party applications and owners would abide by this rules and regulations. Moreover, we have not done any screening and we cannot control that how the personal information would be utilized by the third party owner. Our company is not responsible for any of them and we encourage our customers to completely go through the different terms and conditions and then only they should submit their information.

Refund policy

According to the guidelines of our policy, we do not provide our customers with the money back or refund policy and we are offering 100% guarantee of money back only on 1 Google Page. Our company suggests that the products and services of any other online marketing company should not be used especially when we are working on enhancing the ranks of your website. In case, we are unable to provide you with the best and effective results of first Google page, then all the money would be refunded within a stipulated time frame of one month.

Subsequent changes to Privacy Policy

Our company ensures that privacy policy is posted on site and then that should be reviewed on frequent basis and that is entitled to get changed as well. Moreover, any changes would be done and then that would be notified to the customers.

Sole statement

Our privacy policy has been posted on our official website and this is the only sole statement and it comprises of no modification, summary or revision or restatement through any other privacy policy and this is completely valid form until we come up with some modified or revised statement on our site.