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Business Registrations
Okhla Mandi is all about doing business in India i.e. how to start it and grow it. We provide consultancy services to residents, non-residents and young entrepreneurs to plan and execute their business set-up process smoothly. At Okhla Mandi, we have tried to provide solutions to all your queries on setting–up business in India in an innovative and techno manner through customized tools, for easy understanding.
Registration at Major E-Commerce Platform
Our solutions are modular, headless ecommerce software services. Instead of simply driving web pages, they deliver the future of ecommerce through a universal integration platform that connects seamlessly to content management systems, marketing cloud platforms, and mobile apps.
Cataloguing and Listings
It you wish to generate data feeds for different online stores by cataloging your products, we can more than assist you with it. Our special expertise in Cataloging with appealing images and engaging content can help you achieve the best results.
Account Managers
Get a personalized and trained E-Business Specialist as account manager or representative to handle all your accounts.
Content Writing
If you are looking for a copywriting service that can help you increase sales, you’ve come to the right place! Our expert copywriters can help you get found on the overcrowded web and spring your customers into action.
Photo shoots
For commercial - Rates and deals depend on the type and complexity required in the assignment. For market places - Please contact us via email or phone to discuss details further. We are cataloguing partners for Flipkart and we also do photography and cataloging as per the guidelines and requirements if clients for other giants like snapdeal, amazon, Kindly contact for further details on rates and quotes. Rates depend on the volume of products provided.
Inventory and Price management
Holding the inventory is cost intensive. The longer it takes to clear it, the higher is the cost and risk. Planning plays a key role in cutting down these overheads and we help you do - you save yourself from tedious calculations of pricing. Just leave it on us.
Logistics and warehouse management
Now you do not have to worry about on your orders, returns (RTOs), refunds, exchanges, etc. - Managing Refunds, RTOs (return-to-origin) and Exchanges can be cumbersome and if not handled well can even affect customer satisfaction levels for the brand. We will handle it all.
Packaging Solutions
Now you no longer have to worry about different branding guidelines, dissimilar invoice formats & manifests. We will handle it all.
Lisitngs and Cataloguing
It you wish to generate data feeds for different online stores by cataloging your products, we can more than assist you with it. Our special expertise in Cataloging with appealing images and engaging content can help you achieve the best results.
Hygiene Check
Content coming soon.
Static web development
Our Static website packages provide absolute solution to the businesses or individuals, to post simple information about themselves or about their company onto the static web pages.
Dynamic web development
Most of the Dynamic Websites we build are content management systems developed in WordPress, Joomla or Drupal based Open Source products or if required we can also offer Custom private label CMS based Solution.
Adwords Optimisation
If you're using PPC Advertising, chances are you're wasting a lot of money and don't even know it. Don't settle for high costs and low conversion rates! Let our team of Certified Google AdWords Professionals eliminate wasteful spend and drive more high-quality traffic to your site.
Logo and Cataogue Designing
Okhla Mandi will deliver a focused Brochure Catalog and Logo Design to send a powerful message to your potential customers to make them understand the benefits they will receive from your service.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
The world of search engines has their own language which a very few people understand. We are the fortunate ones who will be your medium to the world of e-marketing and SEO services. Take advantage of our pay per click (PPC) and SEO Services.
Social Media Marketing
Social media optimization and Social media marketing is a methodology through which website can effectively appear in the social media sites. Social Media campaign management is the approach to market the website or a business to boost business brand, product sales and traffic from the social media sites.
Customer Experience Audits
Every time your customers come into contact with your organisation they are judging you often without even realising it themselves. Your future – for better or worse; for richer or poorer – may depend on this judgement. Ask us how!
Price Checks
We'll send our field team to locations as overt objective evaluators to validate the pricing of your products. Auditors can randomly select products to assess but are usually provided with specific lists of prices to verify.
Phone and Email Audits
Our Premium Audit division provides a variety of audit services to assist in verifying risk exposures and classifications. We provide Physical Audits, Verified Audits, Email Audits and Telephone Audits that can be performed widely.
Product placements and promotion audit
Okhla Mandi arranges for professional inspectors to go to the locations and check on your product, promotion, or placement. We can help you get the answers you have been seeking quickly and efficiently. Okhla Mandi is also uniquely qualified by having relationships with installers located all across India who can go into your location and conduct the product placement themselves.


Please explore our competitive and affordable Online Store packages as below:
  • Per Order: INR 110.00
  • Listing per SKU: 60
  • Total Products: 50
  • Warehouse Space: INR 3000 / Month
  • Account Manger: NA
  • Photoshoot: INR 210 / Product
  • Reconciliation/Quarter: NA
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  • Per Order: INR 95.00
  • Listing per SKU: 50
  • Total Products: 225
  • Warehouse Space: INR 5500 / Month
  • Account Manger: NA
  • Photoshoot: INR 200 / Product
  • Reconciliation/Quarter: NA
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  • Per Order: INR 85.00
  • Listing per SKU: 40
  • Total Products: 500
  • Warehouse Space: INR 10500 / Month
  • Account Manger: 5000 / Month
  • Photoshoot: INR 180 / Product
  • Reconciliation/Quarter: INR 2200
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  • Per Order: INR 75.00
  • Listing per SKU: 30
  • Total Products: 1000+
  • Warehouse Space: INR 21000 / Month
  • Account Manger: 10500 / Month
  • Photoshoot: INR 150 / Product
  • Reconciliation/Quarter: INR 4800
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